Flow and Go

1 O God, make the king a godly judge like you
and give the king’s son the gift of justice too.
2 Help him to give true justice to your people,
honorably and equally to all.
3 Then the mountains of influence will be fruitful,
and from your righteousness
prosperity and peace will flow to all the people.
4 May the poor and humble have an advocate with the king.
May he consider the children of the poor
and crush the cruel oppressor. — Psalm 72, TPT

I had the leading to look up “flow” in the Word, and found 72 verses with those words. A few had “flower” but most had to do with water; God’s spirit flowing.

When His Spirit flows, He brings life, for He is the Living Water (John 4, John 7)!

If your life seems dry and thirsty today, ask the LORD to refresh you with His living water.

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