Jesus Esta Vivo!

Marcos 16:7 Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI) Pero vayan a decirles a los discípulos y a Pedro: “Él va delante de ustedes a Galilea. Allí lo verán, tal como les dijo”.

Mark 16:7 (TPT), Run and tell his disciples, even Peter, that he is risen. He has gone ahead of you into Galilee and you will see him there, just like he told you.”

Mateo 28:6 (NVI)
No está aquí, pues ha resucitado, tal como dijo. Vengan a ver el lugar donde lo pusieron.

Matthew 28:6, ” He isn’t here—he has risen victoriously, just as he said! Come inside the tomb and see the place where our Lord was lying.”

Salmos 97:11 Nueva Versión Internacional (NVI):  “La luz se esparce sobre los justos, y la alegría sobre los rectos de corazón.”

In English, The Amplified Classic version reads (Psalm 97:11), Light is sown for the [uncompromisingly] righteous and strewn along their pathway, and joy for the upright in heart [the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and protection].”

Jesus–JesuCristo El Senor–Jesus Christ the LORD–is alive! No matter what is going on around us, He is our Help! He is our Strength! He is our Defender! He is our Provider! He is our Peace! He is our JOY!

True joy can only come from within–from Jesus Christ, Who is the Spirit of God, Who is the fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22), so if we have Him, we have joy.

He’s helping me and others I know to realize that, if our joy is not apparent, then we either (1) need to ask Him to show us where to repent about something (because sin grieves our good, good Father Who loves us, and also grieves our spirits that are one with Him the moment we receive Christ; or (2) take authority over the lies of the enemy and remind ourselves of the wonderful Truth of the Word, Who cannot lie.

I really like the verse that states, “Light (revelation, understanding of God’s will, and especially of His love for us) is shed for the uncompromisingly just and righteous (which we are, the moment we receive Christ Jesus–because righteousness is based on what HE did at the cross, not on what WE do or don’t do! Thank God!), and irrepressible (unable to be held down, like a beach ball continually rising to the top when pushed under water, where it absolutely refuses to stay down!) joy shed for the upright in heart (again, upright–in right standing with God–is what we are in our spirits, our REAL selves, the moment we receive Christ Jesus in our hearts!).”

If you don’t know Christ, know that He died for you and wants to become your Savior, LORD, and Best Friend Forever–and He is serious about you! Just close your eyes and pray, “LORD Jesus, I believe You died for me on the cross and rose again, and live forever. I believer You are returning to take all who believe in You to Heaven, to Paradise, to live forever, when this body dies. I need You, Holy LORD, to please forgive me and save me, cleanse me, heal me. I know You are the Source of Life, and I receive You. Thank You!

He has already made the way; He’s just waiting for you to agree and let Him be your Savior and Friend. HE IS THE MAN! He loves you and has a wonderful Plan for your life–better than you’ve ever dreamed! So go for it–what are you waiting for?!

Jesus esta vivo! He is alive, and good, and waiting for YOU–to give you much more joy and abundant life (John 10:10) than you can imagine!