Truth Wrapped in Mercy

“Moses gave us the Law, but Jesus, the Anointed One,
    unveils truth wrapped in tender mercy.”
— The Passion Translation, John 1:17

Don’t you love that? God through Jesus loves us enough to tell us the truth (always!), but is very merciful and kind, compassionate, patient, and understanding; always leading us deeper into loving relationship with Him. 


And, if you don’t know Jesus Christ, here’s a secret: Jesus is truly the most easy and loving Person to know–and He is eager and excited to help you and become your Friend for life! If you want to have Him in your life from now on, just say this prayer: “LORD, I need You to please forgive me for all I’ve done wrong. I know You are holy and in Your amazing Love, You wanted me to be free and cleansed and fit to live with You in Heaven. I ask that Jesus come into my heart and be my LORD and Savior and very best Friend, so that I may know Him on earth and get to live with You and Him in Heaven after my body dies. I receive Jesus now, in Your Name, amen! Thank You!”

And, when you ask in the Name of Jesus (meaning whatever is His will when you use that name), YOU GET! So now, Jesus and the holy angels are having a party in Heaven–over YOU coming into the Royal Family! And the next step is to find a Holy Bible, and a church that really lives it. If you need prayer or guidance about any of these things, write us at!