How to Have God as Your Best Friend

King Jesus was born over 2,000 years ago (Yes, in a manger, although the magi did not visit Him till about 2 years later, when He lived in a house with Mary and Joseph.) and then He went into full-time ministry at age 30, taught for 3 years, then gave His life to pay for the sins of every human that will ever be born.

Jesus the Christ was crucified on the cross, the most horrible painful death of all, normally reserved for punishing the worst of criminals (And He was innocent, but OUR SIN put Him on the cross!).

And then, after 3 days, He came back to life! Then He was taken up to Heaven where He rules and reigns Supreme, and ever lives to pray for us!

However, Hallelujah, He will soon return to earth! He will be coming back to get all who have believed in Him, to take them back to Heaven to live with Him forever (Revelation 22:12)! He wants to be your BIFF–your Best Invisible Friend Forever–and take you with Him to Paradise.

In Paradise, or Heaven where God the Father and Jesus the Son always are, there is freedom and joy and plenty of every good and beautiful thing. In Heaven, there are no bad things, no darkness at all. In Heaven, there is only the glorious goodness and light and love of the LORD!

God and Jesus are eager for you to come live with them after your life on earth. When your body dies, they want you to live with them in Heaven. The holy angels, and all the other people who died that love Jesus are there.

Some people think that, once a person’s body dies, they stop living. It is true that the body does not come back to life, unless the LORD brings it to life again. But your spirit, the life of God within you–the real you–is eternal!

Your spirit, which came out of God (John 1:1-3), lives forever! So the real you is a spirit, and your body is just a container to hold your spirit while you are on earth; like an astronaut needs a space suit to live in space.

When a person’s body dies, the spirit within that person immediately leaves the body and goes up or down–to Heaven, to live with God forever, or to hell, to be tormented by the devil our enemy forever.

This is absolute, meaning this is the way it is, and this is the way it will always be, no matter what any person says. So you have a choice; you can choose to serve and live with Jesus in the most wonderful life you can imagine, or choose to serve and live a horrible, tormented life with the devil, who hates God, and who hates you.

But God loves you, and every good thing in your life is from Him! He loves you so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus (the King!), to die for you, because He wanted you to be free to love Him and live with Him, and help other people know how good He is!

All of us have done something wrong, broken one rule of God or another. We can never be good enough nor do enough good things to get to Heaven (Romans 3:21-26Ephesians 2:1-10).

However, Jesus, the perfect Son of God Who did nothing wrong, took everything you and I have ever done wrong and paid the debt of sin by spilling His blood for us on the cross (John 3:16)! He wanted us to have the chance to be with Him forever in Heaven, and to enjoy getting to know Him here on earth.

Instead of us dying to pay for our sins, Jesus did it for us, because He loves us that much. He was crucified on a cross–the worst death anyone could die–and after three days, He came back to life (Matthew 28:6)!

Now He lives forever in Heaven, praying for us, helping us, loving us, and waiting for us to work with Him (Romans 8:34).

Once we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and come to live by His Holy Spirit in our hearts, God the Heavenly Father adopts us as His child! Jesus becomes our Savior, our Brother, and our Best Invisible Friend Forever.

Jesus brings us joy, peace, love, wisdom, and every good thing. Once He comes to live with us, He is with us always (Matthew 28:20). No matter what any other person on earth does, Jesus will forever love us and be with us!

None of us can get into Heaven to live with God the Father, Who is perfect and holy, unless we first become friends with His Son Jesus. Being friends with Jesus starts in our live now on earth, because once a person’s body dies, it is too late for them to choose Him.

Jesus the King of all is coming back very soon to get all of us who love Him, to take us out of this crazy world so we can be safe and happy and healed and have everything we need and want, in the wonderful life with God.

He will reward us for how we have lived for Him (Revelation 22:12). Although He loves every person He ever created, He will only take with Him to Heaven those who have truly received Him as Savior (Matthew 7:23).

If you would like to go to Heaven and have God as your loving Father and Jesus as your BIFF, and start enjoying the best life you could ever have today, just say this prayer!

Dear Jesus,
Please forgive me of everything I’ve done wrong and come into my heart and be my LORD and Savior and Friend! Help me get to know You and teach me through Your Word how to love and obey You, for You are the true King Who rules! And thank You for loving me so much. Thank You for saving me and helping me to enjoy and love You! In Your Name, amen!

Romans 10:13 says “All who call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved.” So if you prayed this prayer, a miracle just happenedyou became alive in Christ! Your spirit became new, and the Spirit of Jesus just came into your heart to help you live a wonderful life!

The Holy Spirit also came and put a Heavenly mark on you to tell God and the angels and the devil and everyone else that you now belong to Jesus (Ephesians 1:132 Timothy 2:19)! And He will love and help you forever.

Now Jesus and His angels are having a party, celebrating your wonderful decision to become part God’s family!

Now, the way to learn all about your new Best Friend Forever is to read your Bible–His special Letter to you, His new dear friend!

Also, ask Him to show you the church family you need to meet with, to learn even more about Him and have other Christians to pray with you, and help you know wonderful it is to live with Him!

Welcome to the best life you could ever have!