Let’s Help the Missionaries

Many people in other nations don’t know about Jesus, so they worship false gods, or “idols,” which are really demons. Our enemy the devil and his demons hate Jesus. They are very jealous of Him, and don’t want anyone to know people can be saved and have a wonderful life in Jesus.

Because most people in other nations don’t know God and are really worshipping the devil, they are cursed–they live in a very bad world of wars and famines, which means there is often shooting and other terrible things going on.

Many have no food to eat and die. Many children never get to go to school. And there is no medicine or doctors to help them when they are sick, so lots of them, even children, die of bad diseases. Many are put in prison; sometimes they are killed.

God wants these people to know He loves them. They are a big part of the “harvest” Jesus talks about; like fields of crops ready to be picked. So God sends “missionaries” to these nations to tell them Jesus died to save them and give them a wonderful life. (Luke 24:4647)

The missionaries are like farmers who plant seeds, or “sow,” in the soil of these nations. The missionaries take the “seeds” of Bibles, food, water, medicine, clothing, candy, toys, and more and sow them into the “soil” of those people’s lives. And the missionaries teach the people to understand the Bible, and to pray and worship the Lord. All of this shows that God cares about each person.

Missionaries need our help to do this. When we help, it is just like we were there with them, sowing the seeds and reaping the harvest!

Here are several ways you can start helping missionaries today:

If you have Jesus in your heart, then your prayers are powerful and effective! (James 5:16)

Missionaries need lots of people praying for them every day. They need your prayers! Pray that God will keep them healthy and safe, give them the right words to say to all the people they talk to, and give them new ideas to help the people understand more about how Jesus loves them.

Pray that God will speak to more people’s hearts so they will pray for the missionaries and give them money and other things they need. God supplies their needs through people like you and me.

Also, pray, like Matthew 9:37 and 38 saythat the Lord will send more people to be missionaries to other nations.

See, the Bible says that Jesus cannot return to earth to reign as King until every living person has had the chance to hear about Him. (Matt 24:14) But the more missionaries we send and help, the faster all the people in the world will hear the Good News, and the faster Jesus can come back, which is the very best thing that could ever happen!

The Lord may even call you to become a missionary when you are older, and tell people in other nations how good He is. So when you pray for missionaries, that is a powerful help to them! Your prayers are spiritual seeds that will bring good fruit.

TELL. Tell others about the missionaries, and ask them to send money and pray for them. God will use the seeds of your words to bring fruit in other people so that they will help the missionaries spread the Good News of Jesus in other nations!

GIVE. Give money to help the missionaries buy Bibles, candy, toys, or other things the people need. After you give God your tithe (1 penny out of every 10 pennies (Mal. 3:10)) from the money you earn or from gifts you get, ask God what He would like you to give to the missionaries.

You can also give your time to help people at your church put together gifts for the missionaries and the people they tell about Jesus. When you give your money or time or anything else to help the missionaries, you are sowing more spiritual seeds that will bring good fruit.

God is the one Who blesses the seeds we sow, and causes them to grow fruit. When the fruit is ready, He often allows us to reap, or rejoice in, that fruit. (John 4:36) But even if we don’t reap on earth, we will reap in Heaven. This means Jesus will reward us for all the seeds we have sowed! (Rev. 22:12)

So let’s get busy sowing spiritual seeds for Jesus, and we will all reap!

(c)2007 by Tonja Taylor