Resting in Our Destiny

(This was written in 2001. I have learned and grown and had my desired and thus life calling tweaked since then, but some things have remained the same. To me, the things that remain are the real parts of my destiny in the LORD!)

I used to complain a lot and be critical. Now I know that it was because I was frustrated; mainly, because I was not fulfilling the reason I am on the planet. That was 17 years ago. I’ve learned many things since then.

However, as I did then, and as you can do today, and as I believe it is good to do for oneself at least once per year–especially at the end of December or in early January–I asked myself some questions and wrote down the answers. 

There is something to this writing-it-down thing. Besides the physiological matter, there is the spiritual impact. And the LORD Himself said, “It is written….”

As I do often, I wrote down a few things that gave me joy. I knew the negative feelings were not from the LORD. So I started writing what I liked to do, for I’ve learned that what we like to do and what we are good at are huge clues to our purpose. 

I wrote:

“Doing nice things for others like sending goodies and notes in the mail, gives me great joy.”

“I delight in surprising people with words of encouragement–especially through the mail.”

“I like to express my appreciation to people, and that has made me many friends and allies–because it is so rare.”

“I like to read and write.”

“I like to be outside.”

“I like to listen to music that glorifies God.”

“I like to help people know the LORD.”

Even while writing these things, I felt joy. By writing them down, they helped focus my mind and heart on what I really wanted. 

While the LORD wants us to be content wherever we are, He also wants us to continually grow. We were made to stretch and grow; that’s what faith is–making decisions as we ask the LORD to guide us to do His will and fulfill our callings, and to help us to accomplish His Plans. 

His Plans for us are the very best (Jeremiah 29:11), where we will be the most successful–the most influential for His Kingdom; the most satisfied; the most prosperous; the most victorious; the most at rest!

So where do you start? Start by writing down what you love and want to do, and what you are good at. Usually, you enjoy doing that at which you excel. 

Then present the list to Him and say, “Thank You, LORD, that You are with me always, all around me, and in my heart (if you have received the LORD Jesus as your Savior. If not, do it right now! Ask Him to forgive you of your wrongs and come into your heart and give you eternal life. He will, as John 3:16 and 17 say, and Hebrews 9:28. It’s easy and the best decision you will make!), and I thank You that You created me and put me on earth for such a time as this. Help make that purpose very clear to me, and help me to do it. Please take my life and have your way. I love You. Thank You, Master! You are faithful to order my steps and direct my paths, and I trust You!”

I had always thought of the phrase, “Do what you love, the rest will come,” as in, if you do what you love, the money, success, etc. will come. But recently, the LORD showed me a deeper meaning:If I do what I love that I know is in His Plan for me, the REST–the relief and ease and refreshing, and the peace, joy, and deepest satisfaction–will come!

Laurie Beth Jones, in her book, The Path, suggests that our destinies have to do with what we love to do, and that perhaps we “forget who we were in Heaven.”

Let us remember that our time on earth is very short compared to eternity, and let us be about God’s business. 

The LORD Your God is with you, and He is your faithful Guide. Ask Him to guide you into His perfect desire, and to give you rest; peace. He will!