Your Holy Health!

Through bad health and lots of experimenting, and the faithfulness of God to teach me His Word, I have gained excellent health. I want to share easy tips to better health with you. My 40-page book, Your Holy Health, will be available the first month of 2019 in PDF for just 99 cents on Kindle, so you can learn how to truly make changes to enjoy better health this year and beyond!

First is kombucha, a well-kept secret, although I’m starting to see KTs (kombucha teas) in various stores now, even Wal-Mart. Here’s the deal with kombucha: it’s fermented tea that is 99% free of caffeine and sugar, yet gives an excellent probiotic energy boost that is so much better than any other “energy drink”–many of which are full of things not good for humans. I discovered kombucha (and much more) in answer to my prayer that the LORD teach me to eat better, for there is much to do for the Kingdom, and I’m excited about being a part of what God is doing in these Last Days!

Besides good water (we filter our city water twice before we drink it), the next best thing to drink is kombucha. It’s all good; there is nothing bad about it. In fact, it is even good for diabetics and people who don’t want to drink caffeine!

Kombucha tea involves a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that will continue to produce this excellent health and energy drink for years. For a couple years now, I have been making my own, and have enjoyed many benefits of this extremely economical health aide that my loving Father Who knows all things led me to, in answer to my prayers to learn to eat better!

There are many kinds of kombucha (also known as KT) out there. I still buy a certain commercial brand on occasion, but for years, I’ve been making my own. I have experiemented with various fruits and spices and find that I prefer strawberry-ginger.

I talk more about kombucha and many other easy ways to enjoy better health in my book, Your Holy Health, available in January 2019 on Kindle. If you would like more information on kombucha, plus a free SCOBY to get you started making your own health tea, write me at, with “SCOBY” in the subject line.