About Us

We (Clayton and Tonja Taylor) rejoice in how God has transformed our lives through His matchless, living Word! We serve Him in the arts, worship, education, and more, in southern Arkansas.

We are Believers in Jesus Christ who have created this site to create Covenant Culture through the arts.   Did you know that “The Arts” includes expressions of creativity through music; writing; painting, drawing, and sculpture; dance; and even baking? (That’s right–baking!).

God the Creator (Elohim) is still creating–and He has created you and me to create! So on this site, you are going to experience some lovely, amazing, and always glorifying-to-God Art. Through the expressions of the Father in these various artistic forms, you will experience what we call Covenant Culture.”

On this site, we will offer music, writings, teachings, gifts, and more that bring delight to the artists, to our Creator, and to you!  After the tithe from this business, a part of the profit also goes to support ministries that promote the Good News that Jesus is real, that He is Love, and that He is coming soon! (Revelation 22:7)