Learn at Wise University!

At WISE U, you will learn a myriad of fun things and you’ll find it SO easy to do!

I’m a teacher at heart. I cannot NOT teach. I started officially teaching at age 13, when my entrepreneurial mom suggested I start teaching private piano lessons for cash (Great idea, Mom!). It was great!

(She also says that I taught my little brother to read and swim when he was 5 and I was 8, but I don’t remember it and he won’t admit it, so we’ll just start with 13, LOL.)

Anyway, I have literally–not counting the piano years while I was in jr high and high school–over 30 years’ teaching experience! (If you want a list, contact me at Tonja@RiverRainCreative.com!) So let me help you enjoy learning and growing!

Anyway, we’ll have many videos on topics from how to know God better, to strengthenening your marriage, to how to improve your health, to classes in the arts–like Piano LIVE

At first, we’ll upload many helpful videos and then the LIVE coaching sessions will be available, and at very reasonable rates!

We’d love it if you want to pray for our God-led ventures, and we look forward to how we can help YOU enjoy more ZOE life, at Wise U, you wise you! See you soon!

Learn to Play the Piano & more at WISE U!

NOW is the time! If you’ve wanted to learn to play the piano, especially for God’s Glory, then what are you waiting for? Starting early this month, Tonja will be recording and uploading many videos for you to access FREE to learn to play the piano and have fun doing it!

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is for you to learn and play!

And very soon, you’ll be able to access Tonja’s LIVE online coaching, for piano and many other subjects, at WISE University–WISE U!

Check out more info here: