Deb’s Delightful Art

(from Tonja — Deb is a 44-year-old single mom and amazing artist friend who has overcome cancer and many other challenges. Her art is multi-faceted–from jewelry to handbags to Bible covers to paintings to ceramics, and more! Within a year, she will have her degree in art–and also become an Art Therapist, so watch for your opportunity to go deep with Deb as you explore your creative potential!)

Watch for her art photos here, and contact her at! I (Tonja) will be commenting on her art, till she can get into the site and say her own thing!

I love all of Deb’s work, but this green jade-look is luscious!

Ah, my favorite color, with matching earrings!

This is the “crown jewel”–because Deb made it just for me, and it has a very special meaning to us. (But she can custom-make jewelry for you!) You should see the starfish sparkle in the light!

This lovely rose-color set has lagniappe–an extra pair of earrings!

This lovely bluebird (again, my fave color!) is soooo lifelike!

One of Deb’s amazingly intricate drawings! (She makes it look easy!)

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