RainWater Music & Podcasts

Our music and podcasts (including LEGACY and P.O.W.E.R.* Girl!) can be sampled here and at Anchor.FM:

Reviews/brags from Don and Claudette Ponder of At Living Water Cabins:
PRAISE GOD! First of all I want to say to Clayton… His song “Righteousness” is so anointed, I felt the Lord just flow through me, from the first notes! BEAUTIFUL…what a gift God has given him. We to so enjoyed reconnecting with you both again and hope it was the first of many, God filled visits! We will be in prayer for you both, praying God will give you the desires of your hearts, that the ministry HE has for your lives will be fulfilled and that your lives (and the lives of those you touch) will be BLESSED and overflowing with His wisdom. Thanks again for all your help and prayers in finding future guests and HOPEFULLY the persons that GOD has in store to buy Living Water Cabins and further what He started here.”

Clayton recently completed a lullabye, which he started about 20 years ago. (Twenty in two, my Darling Dynamite Man!!). Enjoy!

Clayton’s most recent composition is called “Free Flight”

(It reminds me of our freedom in Christ, even as we Hi Army march as one!–Tonja)

Here is a recent work of Clayton’s, called “Spring Dance.”

(This reminds me of lively fountains and raindrops.–Tonja)

Another piece is called “Meditation 2”:

Here is one of Clayton’s original compositions, called “Righteousness.” Enjoy this lovely instrumental piece, that flows with the Spirit of God!

Spring 2010, Tonja was given the words and melody for “Jehovah Nissi” (“The LORD our Victorious Miracle Banner”). Clayton arranged the instrumental composition very recently, so here is the synergistically-updated version:

Jehovah Nissi truly fights for us! The words to the song are below.

Tonja’s Word-based podcasts on LEGACY: Crafting Your Child’s Future With Words, The Adventures of Princess Pearl, P.O.W.E.R.* (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards) Girl! Book One!, and more will delight and help you learn more about God’s goodness and love for you!

LEGACY teaches you easy ways to shape your child(ren) for Christ!