River Rain Ministries

The mission of River Rain Ministries is to utilize teaching, preaching, and the arts to help people around the world to love and live the Word of God.

Our ministry is a 501C3 ministry, so your donations are tax-deductible.

Our first project is Liberty Library, where we produce, collect, and distribute Christian materials that lead people to the liberty of Christ and help disciple them to walk with Him and love and live His Word.

When the LORD kept nudging Tonja about sharing the wealth–especially overseas–of all the Bibles and Christian materials she and Clayton had, she started researching how to accomplish His will. She discovered Mission Cry in Michigan, and also Love Packages.

One of the ways we are accomplishing this is by partnering with Love Packages in Alabama, where Bibles and other Christian materials are collected and put into sea containers, then distributed to legitimate and thankful ministries overseas. Here is the list of materials needed:

The next collection for Love Packages in Alabama is the third week of October. If you are in the 4 States Region (AR, TX, OK, LA), contact us about potential pickup. Or you could mail your items to Love Packages. Contact Ministry@RiverRainCreative.com if you need more information or would like to donate. God bless!