Satisfied Clients Say

A few words from satisfied clients of our writing and editing services , by category:

Critiques – Fiction
“Hi Tonja. Your critique of my children’s book manuscript was perfect. I was stuck in a rut and your suggestions really helped me rethink and revise my characters. I really liked the way you asked me several questions for a particular idea so that I could answer in the way that best suit my concept of how the story would unfold. It also gave me a chance to take each question and toss around character changes that might be fun for this manuscript or another manuscript in the future. While writers are to be open-minded, I find that I sometimes see only one path for my story and become bogged down in the process. Your suggestions allowed me the opportunity to see it in a new perspective. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable! Your critique did just that it allowed me to revisit the fun side of writing! 
Thank you so much!”
–Cari S. Brown, Author of children’s books

Column Writing 
It has been my pleasure to spend the past two years getting to know and working with Tonja Taylor. I first started working with Tonja when she wrote a monthly column for my Christian inspirational magazine. I was impressed by her writing style and the research, creativity and thoughtfulness she put into every column. Since then, Tonja has provided invaluable support to me, helping put together a live gathering for Christian writers. I always know I can count on her, and her help has made it so much easier to move forward with my publishing efforts. Tonja is not only highly competent, but she is also a joy to work with. What is most important to me is that Tonja puts God first in all that she does – and this is exactly why she is so successful!
–Janet Eriksson, Cassia Ministries

Copywriting/Promotion 27 Aug 2006 
“Dear Tonja,
How are you and your be family doing? hope every thing is fine, I wrote this email to thank you for the chance and help you gave to me and my organization for creating a draft letter for our up coming fundraising event. You are a very good writer and easy to work with. Once again thank you so much.”
Kind Regards, Salve P. Shakya
Executive Director
Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal