Spirit Songs and Stories – Comments

Dear Tonja, (” The Little Lamb and the Special Snowflake”) You have a gift for writing in a style that is full of beautiful images that will delight children… the message of the story was very good and very important for children to learn– namely, that what the Lord wants from us is simply. . .us!

Children may feel that, because of their smallness, they have nothing to give to the Lord. They need to learn that we can never give anything to God but that which He has first given us; and what He wants from us most of all is that we give Him ourselves. It was to make that possible that He sent Jesus into the world. He gave Himself for us, so that through His perfect sacrifice, we can offer ourselves to God as a “thank offering” and give to God worship and praise that is acceptable to God through Christ. —Missionary, evangelist, and pastor, Bro. Martin Rizley, Magdala, Spain

“Hi there. l just read the copy and its awesome ( “The Butterfly and the Mimosa”) For me, it’s good to know that I can achieve the purpose of God simply by being me and not trying to be somebody else. God made me special…Amen. The small things we do for others go a long way in making them “alive and well”. As Jesus said, as you did to the least of my brothers so you did unto me. I will take time to be a blessing to someone today….

l (also) like the story on “The King’s Horse,” because at the end of the story, there is a great lesson on realising the real reason for Jesus’s return- to gather people to himself. The story is very creative and l feel really Holy Spirit inspired. lt gives lessons on the need to work together and have a desire to carry the king “in our hearts”. There is a sense of humour in the story at the same time… After finishing the story, my heart just fell in love with Jesus all the more….You are a gifted writer and am glad you are  doing to the extension of God’s kingdom.”  —Regards, Muleba M., Lusaka, Zambia

“The books are really special,and the kids would be happy to get them. You are so talented.” —Carolyn Spark, Operation Christmas Child Coordinator, Texarkana, Arkansas