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Before it was a book, LEGACY was taught as a 6-week course to young mothers-to-be at the local crisis pregnancy center. Here are some of their comments:

What was most valuable to you in this class?
Student 1: “The beautiful hearted teacher who taught the Word of God. She also was inspiring to me, simply for the reason she had little prayers to bless your children with.” 
Student 2: “Her stories and her speech.”
Student 3: “Being able to hear about (the teacher’s) struggles and know that I am able to make it through the struggle as well.”
Student 4: “Learning to incorporate Jesus into my daily routine.”
Student 5: “Teaching our children how to recognize God through Scriptures.”
Student 6: “The advice and scriptures given.”
On what do you wish there had been more teaching?
Student 1: “I actually thought the class was perfect but perhaps there could be hands on.”
Student 2: “Her teaching was very good.”
Student 3: “Nothing–everything was well taught to me.”
Student 4: “Nothing really, I think is all got pretty well covered.”
Student 5: “The end times, because the Lord is soon to come. We need to be prepared and get ready. I would like to know the Wisdom of God.”
Student 6: “The rapture and tribulation and where to find where it talks about the different life issues people go through.”
Other comments? 
Student 1: “Keep on teaching the Word of God.”
Student 2: “I realy enjoy this bible study very, very much.” back to top

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT  the book LEGACY: Crafting Your Child’s Future With Words, (copyright 2007) by Tonja Taylor: “As parents and grandparents, we have an obligation to train up our children in the ways of the Lord. Tonja has given us a powerful tool and training platform to begin doing just that. As you pray words of Faith, Worship, Wisdom and Destiny over your children, it will also stir and build your faith. Legacy has a lot of wealth in it, but it is not a book that is read. It is a resource; as such it must be used repeatedly so that the riches that lie within are sown to our future generations.” –David E. Andrews, Executive Director, ProVision Network, 44 Wall Street, Ste 1274, New York, NY 10005

“As a parent of three kids living in such a negative generation, it is refreshing to read in Legacy that parents can positively shape their child’s destiny through the power of the spoken Word of God. Legacy is not to be read as a novel or newspaper article, but as a study tool to help parents, like myself, craft the gift of life that God has placed within their home.”--Pastor Steve Crowder, Founder and President of High Way Ministries, Int’l, Boulder, Colorado, http://www.hwmi.info

“The content and concept of Legacy were great. I thought the cover was superb. What better way to protect our precious children from harm than the all powerful sword that is God’s Word. If we go into “battle” without our sword, we are doomed to fall in battle, or at least take a terrible beating along the way.” –Dr. Kim Foster, owner of Buna Animal Clinic, teacher of youth 7-12 grade at First Baptist Buna, Buna, Texas

I got it and love it…..I was just going to glance through it because I did not have but a few minutes at the time to look at it…. but I just could not put it down…. IT is so anointed..I. love it. The format and the font is big enough to read easily …the layout is great … I like the way you (God) gave space to write on… and the scriptures were great… there were some of the scriptures that I had not thought to pray over loved ones…and some of the scriptures that I was not familiar with…. I already can think of three peoplee that I want to share it with… Thanks so much for blessing me with your Legacy and thank you for the notes and especially your prayers.         –Becky B., retired teacherTexarkana, AR

Hi Tonja ~ Thanks for sending … I’ve read this through worship and have jotted down the scriptures for my kids … good stuff. How do people order it? – Michele Steinheiser , Founder and Director of Club MAW

I just received your book. Thank you for the kind mention regarding the eCover. I really appreciate that! 🙂 WOW! I’m afraid I didn’t make it very far into the book yet…While reading the FIRST THINGS FIRST section, I was touched by the section on baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is something I’ve been struggling with for a long time. Like you, I was raised not believing in this, but have been questioning it for a long time. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for letting me preview your book. It has already been a blessing and I’m just getting started! –Mike Smith, designer of the LEGACY cover

I have read and reviewed Legacy: Crafting your children’s future. It is great for people who want to know how to apply God’s word to their children and grandchildren and their own life. –Christina Polson, mother of three, California About the 3-part excerpt of LEGACY, published on www.faithwriters.com:
Tonya, I loved this and can’t wait to read the other parts. I am not really equipped to critique, but thought I would share first impressions with you as words for thought. #3. Tickle to drama, could drama and acting out things be one of the other ways to bless your child? #4 Too many points, may re-phrase all of this to condense You talk of telling truth and praying. I know they go hand in hand, but need to re-emphasize these two strong points. #5 Very good #6 Good for mother too, but what reward could the child perhaps give the Mother on her memorizing? Does the mother ever have problems with the scriptures?
        I loved your voice that comes through as a loving parent and advisor…Please hurry and finish the other of the parts. I have 5 grandchildren and would love to try these things with them. Good writing, keep up the good work
 –Terry Jones.

“I downloaded your LEGACY, and although I did not yet get a chance to read all of it, I did find it to be very, very interesting, an awakening for sure, and an ideal and genuine way to teach our children to learn and to know God.” –Terry Arendt, webmaster, TexarkanaChurchDirectory.com and TexarkanaGospelMusic.com

A few words from satisfied clients, by category: Critiques – Fiction
“Hi Tonja. Your critique of my children’s book manuscript was perfect. I was stuck in a rut and your suggestions really helped me rethink and revise my characters. I really liked the way you asked me several questions for a particular idea so that I could answer in the way that best suit my concept of how the story would unfold. It also gave me a chance to take each question and toss around character changes that might be fun for this manuscript or another manuscript in the future. While writers are to be open-minded, I find that I sometimes see only one path for my story and become bogged down in the process. Your suggestions allowed me the opportunity to see it in a new perspective. Writing is supposed to be enjoyable! Your critique did just that it allowed me to revisit the fun side of writing! 
Thank you so much!”
–Cari S. Brown, Author of children’s books Column Writing 
It has been my pleasure to spend the past two years getting to know and working with Tonja Taylor. I first started working with Tonja when she wrote a monthly column for my Christian inspirational magazine. I was impressed by her writing style and the research, creativity and thoughtfulness she put into every column. Since then, Tonja has provided invaluable support to me, helping put together a live gathering for Christian writers. I always know I can count on her, and her help has made it so much easier to move forward with my publishing efforts. Tonja is not only highly competent, but she is also a joy to work with. What is most important to me is that Tonja puts God first in all that she does – and this is exactly why she is so successful!
–Janet Eriksson, Cassia Ministries
27 Aug 2006 
“Dear Tonja,
How are you and your be family doing? hope every thing is fine, I wrote this email to thank you for the chance and help you gave to me and my organization for creating a draft letter for our up coming fundraising event. You are a very good writer and easy to work with. Once again thank you so much.”
Kind Regards, Salve P. Shakya
Executive Director
Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal