Tracy’s Treasures

My dear friend Tracy Talley is herself a treasure–and multi-talented and creative! From innovative cakes (you should see her football stadium cake!) to crocheted baby sandals (SO adorable–see the pic below!) to her canine clothing to her skills in dramatic makeup (Great job on the Resurrection Day drama, dear heart!) and more, this is one gifted gal!

Pwecious sandals for pwecious lil feet! (almost actual size!)

She will very soon be posting pics of her passions, so look for her work here! You can contact her directly at for orders! Meanwhile, below is her personal message to YOU!

Hello good people, my name is Tracy Talley, and I am a lover of God, and have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I am married and a fur-baby mom to several (some of them are special-needs that are rescued). I like to craft, which is “a gift from God.” I make a variety of crafts; you never know what I am going to create next!