What We Believe

There are many facets to what we believe, but the bottom line is: Every human is born into sin and must receive Christ Jesus as Savior and LORD, for there is NO OTHER WAY to Heaven but Him!

(If you’d like to read our formal Statement of Faith, please scroll down and click on the link.)

Thank the LORD we can NEVER work for Salvation, nor be good enough in any way; nor NOT sin enough, to “earn” it. No, it’s simple: Just believe you need Him and that He wants to help you!

Jesus Christ is the only Savior, the Living Word, the only begotten Son of Father God, and Jesus chose to die for us all on the cross so we wouldn’t have to pay the sin debt, and could go to Heaven forever when our body dies and our spirit separates from it–for eternity.

There is so much to say about it, and JESUS IS LORD! However, He is VERY patient and kind and loving; His mercy endures forever! He never wants anyone to go to hell—but all who reject Him will. It’s not performance; it’s whether you believe in Him or not that matters!

If you are not sure you need Christ Jesus, YOU DO. Why wait? If your life is not what you want it to be, what have you got to lose? You have so much WONDERFULNESS to gain—not that there won’t be trials and tests in the earth. But, WITH JESUS–the all-knowing, all-powerful, wonderful Counselor and the One Who ever lives to pray for you–YOU CAN HAVE A VICTORIOUS and GLORIOUS LIFE!! Jesus will become your very best forever Friend!

You also get a loving, excellent Father God Who takes you into His Royal Family, when you accept His Son! And God is a BLOOD COVENANT GOD–once you receive Jesus, God will ALWAYS have your back!!

Plus, He is easy to please (REALLY!). And He gives you all the ways to make Him happy in His Royal Book, the Holy Bible. (It’s still and will always be THE best-selling Book of all time!)

The BEST part is that you will finally start to understand what REAL LOVE IS. There is nothing like it!

So let’s pray! Jesus, I need You to come into my heart and be my Savior and LORD. I ask You to forgive me for all the wrong things I’ve done–whether I knew about them or not. I want to know You and be part of God’s Royal Family, and start my journey on this wonderful new life of learning to love You and know what it’s like to be loved by You! So thank You and I receive You. I am excited! Thank You so much!

Now, if you just said that prayer and truly meant it in your heart (which is what your spirit is!), then you are BORN AGAIN! And the angels are having a PARTY in Heaven! CONGRATULATIONS!

We want to send you some materials and pray with you if you like, to help you turbo-charged on this New Life!

Ask the LORD to help you find the right Bible and church. He will. (He leads us His kids by peace; that knowing in our “gut” whether something is right for us and from Him or not. And the closer we get to Him through His Word and prayer and worship, the more keen we are to understand differences in relationships and situations, to know how He is helping us have the best Life!)

Now here’s the link to the full statement of faith if you’d like to read it. God bless!

If you’d like us to send you some free information and/or pray with you, please contact us at Ministry@RiverRainCreative.com or call 870-571-5798 and leave a voice mail.

We look forward to hearing from you, Family!