Paint With Your Mouth!

“I’ll write the book on Your righteousness, talk up Your salvation the livelong day, never run out of good things to write or say. I come in the power of the Lord God, I post signs marking His right-of-way.” – Psalm 71:12b, The Message

Words paint pictures in our minds. So when we write and we speak, we are creating pictures–both in our minds, and in the minds of those who hear us, whether they are reading written words or listening to our voices. Our job and joy is to paint God-pictures with our words!

The Word of God is the ultimate picture, and God, the Master Artist, has painted the picture of the perfect life, the “Zoe” life–the wonderful, abundant, happiest-possible life that Jesus died on the cross to give using His Word! Zoe is Greek for “life as God has it.” And that is what we all desire most. Painting pictures of Zoe life with our words is fun!

When we say God’s Word, write God’s Word in a note or email, send them in a letter, sing them at church, in the shower or to a group of our friends or family, we are painting a picture for others about the better life–the Zoe life–they can have. And that is why we are here!

There is great joy and satisfaction in writing God’s Word to paint pictures so others can see the real Jesus, whether we use our hands or our mouths. Psalm 45:1 says that, “My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.”

And, just as God has written His ultimate love letter–the Bible– to you. The Bible, which is the Holy Word of God, tells you all about Jesus, who is the exact representation, or “picture” of God the Father; and just as your parents have written you love notes and letters, creating lovely pictures of their care for you; so you too, have the wonderful power and privilege and freedom to encourage others by writing God’s Word to them!

In fact, God tells us to do that in Psalm 102:18: “Write this down for the next generation so people not yet born will praise God: ‘God looked out from his high holy place; from heaven He surveyed the earth. He listened to the groans of the doomed, He opened the doors of their death cells.’ Write it so the story can be told in Zion, so God’s praise will be sung in Jerusalem’s streets And wherever people gather together along with their rulers to worship Him.” (Ps. 102:18 The Message)

Let’s start today filling the lives of others with beautiful pictures of God by using our words!