Students’ Legal Rights on Public School Campuses

Like me (even as a teacher in public school!), you may not realize all the rights your child has as a Christian who attends a public school. Please take these to heart and share them! Our tax money (federal and state!) does more than pave the roads and create and maintain parks–it gives us even more right to realize and enforce our rights as Believers in this United States of America, especially in such institutions as schools, which are supported by our tax money!

There are 10 of these, taken from The Truth for Youth Bible published by Revival Fires International: 

  1. The right to meet with other religious students and to form Bible Clubs.
  2. The right to express your religious beliefs through signs, symbols, and clothing.
  3. The right to talk about your religious beliefs and share your faith with other students on campus.
  4. The right to distribute religious literature (Bibles) on campus during non-instructional time.
  5. The right to pray on campus alone, with others, and during graduation.
  6. The right to carry or study your Bible or other religious literature on campus.
  7. The right to do research papers, speeches, creative projects or talent programs on religious themes.
  8. The right to be exempt from activities that contradict your religious beliefs.
  9. The right to celebrate or study religious holidays on campus.
  10. The right to study religious themes, religious literature, and religious history.

If you have any questions about these, please contact 800 REFIRES, or 800-733-4737!