Author Bio – Tonja K. Taylor

Tonja loves kids and keeps them engaged while helping them having lots of fun learning useful things!

Tonja celebrates the United States of America and teaches kids to do the same, by praying for our country and leaders!

Tonja’s love for writing started in fourth grade, when her teacher assigned a poetry writing lesson. Her enterprising mother suggested she send it to Grit magazine–who printed “Wild Mustangs” and sent her a dollar and a copy of the printed poem. She was hooked.

After misusing her writing gifts for years, the LORD convicted her in her early 20s to write for Him. Since then, she has self-published several books and over 400 articles online, (including writing a column for children for (and being listed on the same page as ministers she admires, which was a thrill!)); her other three Christian websites; in Writer’s Digest and Today’s Christian Woman. This also means she has written and submitted many more than that, but they didn’t all get published).

Tonja has been writing, publishing, and teaching on purpose for over 35 years, and enjoying almost every moment of it. (Really.) For testimonials on both, go here. And go here. And also go here. Click on this link for information on Author Visits (schools, libraries, camps, retreats, businesses, daycares, libraries–anywhere the LORD approves!).

Through the years, Tonja has helped other ministers birth their books, and has written over 20 of her own. Her favorite so far is The Adventures of Princess Pearl, P.O.W.E.R.* Girl! Book One! (Purposeful Operations With Eternal Rewards).  This recent jewel is now available chapter-by-chapter on, here:

As all true Prince and Princesses of P.O.W.E.R. know, the TRUE Treasure is the Word of God!
As all true Prince and Princesses of P.O.W.E.R. know, the true Treasure is the Word of God!

Tonja also does presentations and workshops on the subjects of many of her books, including “The 7 Ps of Prince and Princesshood.” Many of her books will soon be available as PDFs on this site.

Tonja’s teaching career officially started at age 13, when her entrepreneurial mom suggested she teach private piano lessons for cash (Great idea, Mom!) Her mother insists that she really started teaching at age 8, to help her little brother (age 5) learn to read and swim, but he won’t admit it and Tonja doesn’t remember it, so we’ll just start her teaching at 13.)

Since then, she has taught more subjects to more people (including students in public and private schools and various community and commercial functions) in several states and online than she can remember (but they are all special). She would love to come to your state and share delightful, life-changing things with you and your kids! Contact her at or 870-571-5798.